Reduce Your Overall IT Cost

In order to be competitive in today’s fast-paced energy business environment, Enterprise IT must eliminate the inefficiencies that come when your different energy systems don’t talk to each other or are connected by expensive data interfaces. It’s time to get rid of these functional silos, enabling your company to move forward with optimal performance.

EnHelix is the only integrated energy platform that fuses departments, processes and data throughout your energy value chain. An integrated system will improve efficiency, business, and IT agility, and will truly be enabling big data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to drive business innovations.

  • Totally FREE EnHelix Community Edition
  • FREE .net SDK for IT developers to customize your applications
  • Eliminate functional silos with a single global multi-commodities system
  • Leverage hybrid cloud for cloud bursting instead of full-blown public cloud migration
  • Use Blockchain to increase the velocity of business activities, reduce data latency and reconciliation costs