Energy Blockchain Can Increase Your Energy Value Chain

Every second of every day your business exchanges value with customers, affiliates, JV partners, suppliers and others, with emails, faxes, file transfers and various other ways. Each exchange can be fraudulent, untrusted, untraceable, time-consuming to reconcile, adding unnecessary overheads and burden to your workforce, thus limiting your ability to grow your business.

EnHelix Blockchain can do for an energy business what the Internet did for communication. We provide a way to execute many more of these exchanges in a secure, distributed, traceable and auditable way, without incurring additional burdens to your people and system. EnHelix Blockchain is built into our enterprise system and you can easily connect to thousands of other energy companies.

  • Increase your business exposure to hundreds of energy companies on EnHelix Blockchain network
  • Innovate and create your own Blockchain applications to lead in an upcoming energy revolution
  • Increase business velocity and revenue while lowering back-office cost with secured and immutable Blockchain DLT
  • Built-in EnHelix Blockchain in the EnHelix application that makes the user experience seamless and secure