Physical and Financial Trading with Hedge Accounting

All energy commodities are collated in some ways; from wellhead natural gas to NGL to purity products, LNG or refined products or from crude to blended to gasoline or diesel. With EnHelix, we consolidated all commodities trading, physical assets and inventories under one platform, so that you can make informed trading decisions and access higher optionality based on accurate and timely data.

  • Most comprehensive multi-commodities physical and financial ETRM system on a single platform
  • Supports the most complex pricing provision including tier, formula and custom
  • Auto-hedge capability to maintain hedge effectiveness
  • True straight-through physical and financial processing from deal capture to risk management to logistics and accounting
  • Scalable and high performance with cloud integration to significantly shorten trade valuation and risk matrix processing time
  • Build-in spreadsheet Integration to enhance traders’ user experience
  • Engage in blockchain peer-to-peer trading network or create your own trading hub
  • Near real-time trade and position monitoring
  • FIX Gateway to integrate trades from NYMEX, ICE, and Others
  • Credit Limit Monitoring
  • Advanced economics modeling