Commodity Trading Blockchain for Energy Companies

Commodity Trading Blockchain for Energy Companies

commodity trading blockchain for Energy Industry

A Faster and Simple Way to Production Blockchain System

What is EnHelix COMMODITY BLOCKCHAIN Software?


Commodity Trading Blockchain Marketplace

Web-based solution for oil and gas, energy, and commodity firms to transact business with smart contracts to reduce paperwork and reconciliation for pre and post trade operations.

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CTRM Integrations

EnHelix commodity blockchain trading system is CTRM system agnostic and works on top of any major CTRM systems. In essence, it integrates trade data across blockchain distributed ledgers making data visible to all systems and stake holders.

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The commodity blockchain trading solution supports all commodities. Crude oil, natural gas, LNG, refined products, NGL (Natural Gas Liquids), petroleum chemical, coal, power and renewables.

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Blockchain Smart Contracts

Traditional contractual transaction methods are time-consuming and can limit the velocity of business activities. By using smart contracts, all agreements are automatically signed, validated, and enforced. It does not only get rid of intermediaries but also saves the firm money and time. Best of all, it records various transactions between private parties permanently and efficiently.

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Private Permissioned Network

EnHelix blockchain network is a private permissioned network and works on top of enterprise-grade Hyperledger Fabric framework. The advantages of private network is suited for enterprise business for scalability and security. In addition, the network can be programmed in multiple ways to allow automatic transactions between trust keepers and intermediaries.

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Logistics & Settlements

EnHelix commodity blockchain trading solution works in complementary with EnHelix Logistics and Settlements blockchain solutions. The EnHelix blockchain logistics utilized by cargo and logistics companies for scheduling operations that provides transparency on products deliveries and curtailment. While, the EnHelix blockchain settlement solution helps reduce invoice reconciliations and costly mistakes.

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System Modernization

We all know that aging systems and legacy enterprise applications cannot take full advantage of today’s technologies, like cloud and predictive analytics. Similarly, legacy systems are typically incompatible with new technologies, which can impede digital transformation of enterprise IT. With EnHelix commodity blockchain trading solutions helps fast forward digital transformation without lengthly system implementation.

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To be competitive in today’s fast-paced energy business environment. Enterprise IT can implement EnHelix blockchain system quickly using agile methodology designed for faster system go-live without breaking the bank. EnHelix blockchain solution is easy to implement and works on top of major ETRM/CTRM systems.

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Blockchain digitalizes transactions to improve transparency, enhance security and automation. Moreover, the private blockchain network can store and keep good track record of all tranaction and improve trust with business partners and customers. With transparency, companies can automate business operations and gain trust in a semi-trust environments.

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Blockchain can help improve data record management. With blockchain, it offers immutable records for energy, oil and gas firms. Some of them represent millions of investments, and thus, they must be kept safely. The conventional methods of keeping such records are not only tiresome but also prone to many illicit behaviors such as forgery.

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Hyperledger Fabric

EnHelix is the first to launch Hyperledger Fabric framework with commodity blockchain trading solution. As recognized as the world-class framework, the scalability and performance of Hypledger helps EnHelix customers grow their business and network easily and effortlessly. The framework is easy to maintain and deployed for commodity trading blockchain solution.

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Cybersecurity & Compliance

Cyber-attacks are moving down the stack, traversing from network and e-mail to enterprise data. Silo legacy systems are difficult to protect with outdated technologies, limited auditing capabilities and too many different security endpoints. At EnHelix, security is our everyday job. We understand the energy business thoroughly, so  your most sensitive data is protected and segregated. Our blockchain software security measures are layered in the application and data levels, securing your system and in compliance.

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"We are positive that the software will give us a competitive edge by improving the quality of our data management, reducing potential asset/resources acquisition risks, and reducing operational cost significantly"

Clarence S. Bock

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Finally, if you need an enterprise commodity blockchain trading software with all the features listed above and many more, then your best option is to choose EnHelix. EnHelix is a fully integrated commodity blockchain software built on a single platform for multiple commodities without turning to multiple systems or spreadsheets. Furthermore, EnHelix works on full cloud and hybrid cloud enabling companies to fast forward their energy digital transformation. Also, with EnHelix advanced technologies, companies can take advantages of its built-in artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. Hence, gain competitive business advantages.

EnHelix has won many accolades and awards in recognition of its technology advances in the commodity trading and logistics categories.