Energy Trading & Risk Management Software for LNG Traders


What is LNG Trading Software

LNG CTRM or ETRM or commonly refer to as Trading Software is the real-time Liquefied Natural Gas procurement software that trqders use to buy or sell LNG with their counterparties. The software also provides the ability to schedule LNG delivery based on contractual agreement. The goals of the software is record trades and manage commodity and financial risk.

EnHelix LNG CTRM Trading and Logistics Software

Based on the Hyperledger Fabric, the EnHelix software is set to take trading in the Gas sector by storm. It is essentially the best Energy Trading and Risk Management Software for LNG Traders. Its combination of gas and oil commodity trading and logistics management blockchain and artificial intelligence make it the ideal Liquefied Natural Gas Commodity Management Software for your business operations.

Our EnHelix CTRM software is a configurable solution which handles a range of operations in the LNG cycle: natural gas production, trading, transportation, storage, liquefaction/regasification, voyage, and loading/unloading. The best part is that this is done via a comprehensive, intuitive and interactive platform that simplifies the complexities of business activities in the Liquefied Natural Gas sector. In a nutshell, EnHelix is a purpose-built energy platform designed to optimize LNG management by minimizing costs and improving business agility and visibility across the whole LNG value chain.

EnHelix LNG Trading Software Benefits

The EnHelix software is built to grow your business operations as it supports LNG contract, advanced economics modeling, offers convenient intelligence for your applications and workflow, and spots mistakes before they degenerate into problems. That is why with this Liquefied Natural Gas Commodity Management Software, you get automatic LNG document generation and approval

The EnHelix software is great for companies in the LNG cycle as it supports LNG logistics and accounting. It also offers a singular system for both natural gas and LNG. That is why, with EnHelix, you get integration with operations and engineering. This allows for a seamless user interface that facilitates your business operations. This is because its enhanced user interface allows for better user experience, which helps your LNG companies to make better decisions. Owing to its incorporation of AI and deep learning technologies, the EnHelix software provides quality big data analytics on integrated data sources. The best part is that you don’t require machine learning experience to enjoy these benefits.