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EnHelix software features

EnHelix software features

Adaptive and Immersive System

Web App

Full stream functionality – over 1,000+ business modules in one platform delivering unified and immersive user experience over cloud, web, mobile and desktop resulting in organizational workforce efficiency and agility

Enhelix oil and gas
Oil and gas software platform

Security and Compliance


Our security and compliance framework caters specifically for energy companies and works with most enterprise security and internal audit controls objectives, providing the highest security, privacy protections and compliance

FREE SDK to Customize System

Net Technologies

Customizing your application has never been easier with EnHelix SDK. The SDK allows your IT department to extend and customize the system to meet your unique business needs

Oil and gas blockchain
best oil and gas software

Built-in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Big Data
AI automation

EnHelix is a global system that spans across your entire energy value chain, linking producers to infrastructure to markets. With its data and cloud technologies, it can open up global big data analytics opportunities to help decision-makers view business problems and provide valuable insights. EnHelix is a turn-key integrated system for your big data due to its built-in big data architecture within AWS cloud services, providing unparalleled computing power and analytics

Blockchain and Smart Contracts


EnHelix Blockchain can do for an energy business what the Internet did for communication. We provide a way to execute many more of these exchanges in a secure, distributed, traceable and auditable way, without incurring additional burdens to your people and system. EnHelix Blockchain is built into our enterprise system and you can easily connect to thousands of other energy companies

oil ans gas software company

About EnHelix

EnHelix is a global software leader in providing commodity trading and logistics management solutions driven by integrated Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and AWS Cloud to serve the value chain across crude oil, natural gas, LNG, refined products, petroleum, chemical, NGL, renewals, power, and other commodity markets. EnHelix is reinventing digital commodity and energy management systems with modern micro apps architecture that breaks monolithic systems into powerful enterprise-grade applications, thereby enabling faster implementation, adoption, and go live. EnHelix apps are embedded with powerful real-time artificial intelligence and integrated blockchain that empower businesses to stay on top of volatile markets with agility, flexibility, and achieve better value for their investment. EnHelix has offices in the Americas and Europe, serving customers globally across multiple commodity segments.