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EnHelix 101: All the Basic You Need to Know


As a top artificial intelligence ready business software system for oil and gas energy companies, EnHelix Enterprise software has over 1000+ functionalities from upstream, midstream and to downstream. These functionalities can be overwhelming, most especially for new users. Nevertheless, we’ve thought up some tips that will give our users a better understanding of what we offer, thus enabling them to be more experienced and productive.

Tip #1: Single Sign-On Authentication

The single sign-on (SSO) is an access control property of many related, but independent, software systems which permit users to log in with a single ID and password so as to have access to a connected system. However, EnHelix single sign-on is launching the software on windows which will permit you to have access without a username or password. But behind the scene, it uses your windows identity and password to check if you are an authorized user.

EnHelix users should take advantage of the capabilities of EnHelix SSO as the preferred security authentication since there is no username and password to remember, just click and EnHelix will use your Windows identity to authenticate.

The main advantage of this property is that it is a more secure and preferred method for most corporate security policies.

Tip #2: Configure Business Vision

EnHelix has facilitated Business Vision configuration for each of its users. Once you launch the EnHelix Enterprise software, the first and main screen you get to see is the business vision screen. After it has been launched, click on the button or image that says upstream and it will open another screen with different features. Essentially, the business vision is like a menu item that will open up to another sub-menu with different items.

It can be customized for each company since not all companies will have the same way of utilizing this system. For example, some companies want to set up a business vision that will represent their upstream, downstream, and midstream line of business, some will want to set up theirs by commodities such as crude, natural gas, NGL, power, etc., while others will want to set up theirs by departments like commercial, scheduling, operations, and accounting.

Basically, users can configure business vision to change the system in a way that will best suit their business. Most importantly, this system was designed for users to change it in any way that will be preferable for their business.

Tip #3: EnHelix Snapshot

This EnHelix application can capture all screens and their position, and then save them as snapshots.  Users can exit out of the program and when next they launch the app, they will be able to access the snapshot drop down box easily and select the saved snapshot and the app will launch all the screens from where they left off.

For example, you can save your screens at the end of the day as a snapshot and in the morning the next day, just open the snapshot and the screens will open up and reposition themselves without you spending time to open each and every screen. This snapshot will also save the data you entered on the screen at the time you saved it.

To take a EnHelix snapshot, you’ll see an icon that looks like a selfie icon (camera) but, it is not. This is a very unique functionality to save all your screens and data and restore them whenever you need them.

Tip #4: EnHelix Intelligent Virtual Assistant

EnHelix has an IVR (Interactive Virtual Assistant) built-in the software on the business vision screen which can permit users to make use of the voice commands built-in the app to perform certain functions such as, opening certain screens, changing app screen color, and even asking about the weather.  The IVR can be customized and programmed by 3rd party developers.

The IVR or Chatbot uses the same technology as Amazon Alexa and it is also a very convenient tool for the modern workforce as it increases productivity and eliminates many clicks.

Tip #5: Audit logging

This software has a robust logging capability to capture various levels of system logs and user activities. Most corporate business systems require system logging for security and compliance purposes.

EnHelix was built for enterprise software which comes with robust logging capability that can be utilized to detect hardware and software issues as well as system and application configuration errors. It also permits users to oversee many computers and ensures that they all run smoothly.



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