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Oil and Gas Analytics Software

Oil and Gas Analytics Software

Oil and Gas Analytics Software refer qualitative and quantitative techniques against business data to enhance productivity and gain business insights for energy trading, upstream production, midstream asset-based business and downstream refining and distribution businesses.

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Big data analytics for oil and gas industry

Oil and gas analytics software like EnHelix designed specifically for energy industry to harness the unified data set in EnHelix database with AI to provide big data analytics through AWS QuickSight viewer and analytics functionality.

Big data is a developing term that defines a huge amount of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data that can obviously be mined for information and utilized in advanced analytics applications and machine learning projects. Most often, big data is usually characterized by the wide variety of the different types of data, velocity needed to process the data, and data volume.

Basically, big data collects lots of internal and external data and gets business answers from it with the use of some sort of AI and visual tools. With the rapid development and workload we’re presently facing, EnHelix has a built-in big data solution for all our customers. EnHelix is a natural and the best choice for energy big data solution with its integrated single data source that works across the entire organization departments from commercial, accounting, operations, the risk to engineering, and enabling it to easily collects and streamlines data for big data analytics without compromising on security and governance.

At EnHelix, we believe our oil and gas analytics software with AI is the new way to look at energy business. With aggregated data and advanced visualization tool like AWS QuickSight, oil and gas companies can see their business from different angle and identity anomalies and trends easily. EnHelix big data platform is flexible and open to enterprise IT developers and consultants.

Oil and Gas data Analytics Software

EnHelix oil and gas analytics software includes big data architecture and AI data visualization tool.With its ready-made data lake architecture and dashboard customized for the energy business, energy companies can quickly implement big data solutions to business users and reap its benefits.

Suggested Insight to Save Time
EnHelix big data save energy companies countless hours of manual analysis and investigation with automating suggested insight features that automatically interpret data and discover hidden trends and insights with visual dashboards. It equally summarizes data into plain, easy to consume natural language narratives for business users.

Top Contributors for Hidden Business Metrics
With EnHelix, you can easily identify the top factors that can affect your business metric either by increasing or decreasing the expected gain or loss, worthiness, fraud detections, product imbalances, and/or any other business activity.

Forecasting Energy Data
Big data without AI is just a visual tool. EnHelix big data has built-in predictive algorithms from different data patterns to forecast business metrics and to perform what-if analysis with point and click simplicity. Energy companies can forecast asset productions, plant operations metrics, movement schedules, trading and price correlations, counterparty creditworthiness and many others.

Auto Narratives for Business Users
We have a powerful capability to turn your big data insights into customized plain language narratives for quick data ingest by business users without data science knowledge. Integrate narratives within EnHelix and workflow so that your business users can consume them without logging into any applications.

Anomaly Detection for Hidden Trends
Automatic and continuous analysis of data across different domains can uncover hidden trends and outlier across millions of metric. We (EnHelix) have already embedded this into our dashboards and throughout a good number of energy-related business activities and metrics to save you time, energy, and money.