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Fast-Forward your
Energy Technology Transformations

WebSuite Apps
Artificial Intelligence

On-Premise Applications Benefits You Want
Hybrid-Cloud Control You Need


Full Integrated Stack

On-premise applications for security and controls fully integrates with cloud for addition computing and scalability and specialized services. Customizable WebSuite apps for external portals and blockchain to integrate energy value chain.

Fully Extensible and Customizable

Platform built with Enterprise Micro App architecture for 3rd party developers easily built own micro apps and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for greater efficiency and intelligent automation.

BYOC Hybrid-Cloud

Freedom of choice

Lower TCO and retain full control of your data and system. Cloud bursting, flexibility and security

Big Data, AI and BlockChain

Built-in big data capability and Instantly reap the benefits without building from ground zero. Powerful AI to ready machine-learn your business and blockchain to grow and extend your business beyond your boundary