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Support Guide

Guide for New Users

EnHelix reference guide for new users

General Questions

What is EnHelix Software?

In simple terms, EnHelix is enterprise software with built-in AI and blockchain for energy companies to gain unparalleled competitive advantages and business agility.

EnHelix not only supports conventional upstream, midstream and downstream businesses, it also helps companies to grow into segments like LNG, shale play and renewal.

With a global system like EnHelix and incredibly ease of customization, energy companies have ample rooms to grow their businesses and retain unique business competitiveness. 

Schedule a demo and see for yourself the breath of the system functionality and technologies.

Technology Questions

What is EnHelix AI?

EnHelix software was built with AI in mind, not an afterthought nor an add-on outside the system. When you are using EnHelix system, you will experience true AI at work at every critical stage of your business decisions with superb intelligent automation and predictions. At EnHelix, we have specialized AI team in the energy business that brings unprecedented AI automation and competitive advantages to your energy businesses. 

What is EnHelix SDK and how do I start?

EnHelix SDK (Software Development Kit) is a collection of API libraries for 3rd party developers to customize EnHelix system. The SDK is in Microsoft .Net and works on Microsoft Visual Studio 2015/2017/2019. 

The SDK enables dot net C# developers to easily create apps within EnHelix system, automate custom business logic, and much more. 

The easiest way to install is to open up your Visual Studio and go Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Manager Console


PM> Install-Package EnHelix.Aptinium -Version 1.0.0

You can also go to for more information.


Support & Services

What are the support options for EnHelix software?

The EnHelix Commercial software is a licensed product and the software maintenance agreement covers support for all software defects and releases. 


The EnHelix Community edition software is a freeware and does not come with any support. However, you have the option of purchasing support services.

Do you provide consulting services?

At EnHelix, not only we built the best of breed new AI powered enterprise software, we also pride ourselves with best professional services teams that deliver best solutions for our clients from start to finish of system implementation. Our service teams comprise of many talents from business, technology and security and diligently work with our clients on all their business and system needs. 

Do you provide EnHelix training?

We provide both online and on-premise training. We have the most comprehensive training for both your executives, business and IT employees. Contact support for your training needs.

Software Documentation

Currently, our documentations are only available for our EnHelix Commercial software clients. We are working on a brief user guide for the EnHelix Community edition software and will release to general public soon, we have no set date for this at this moment.


What is EnHelix Blockchain Network?

EnHelix blockchain is purpose-built software for oil and gas energy companies to faster blockchain production. Enterprise blockchain technology is complex and many adopters found it difficult and time-consuming to even implement the simplest network for their businesses. The goal for EnHelix blockchain is to take away all the complexity so that you can focus on off-chain business strategies to grow and expand your businesses.

EnHelix blockchain lets you easily create your own blockchain app in these steps:

1. Create your own blockchain network or join other networks
2.  Invite your business partners to join the network
3. You and your business partners use the EnHelix software to conduct smart contracts between parties. Your blockchain ledger will be stored in AWS Managed blockchain. 
4. EnHelix smart contracts templates already built for oil and gas upstream, midstream, downstream and even trading/marketing businesses so that you don't have to start from scratch. 

Smart contract templates are available and rolled out periodically:
a. Physical buy/sell contracts for crude oil, natural gas, LNG, NGL, refined product, petroleum chemical, and coal
b. Financial trades
c. Confirmation and amendments
d. Pipeline nominations, orders, title transfer & BOL, and certain types of measurements
e. Truck terminal orders,  tickets, asset movements and certain types of measurements
f. Accounting invoices, billings
g. Leases and production
h. Custom templates

5. Best of all, all blockchain smart contracts are integrated with our EnHelix business software so that you can easily audit, track and auto-reconcile without additional data interfaces or 3rd party software. 

For more information, please submit a request for a demo and we will be glad to share more info.

More about EnHelix Blockchain and AWS Managed Blockchain

EnHelix software works on top AWS Managed Blockchain services with Hyperledger Fabric as the blockchain framework. AWS Managed Blockchain offers the ease of blockchain maintenance and management with unparallel ability to scale and perform. It is built for very large blockchain footprint and data set that integrates with EnHelix software. Enterprise will host their own AWS Managed Blockchain peers creating a decentralized node for their DLT network.
EnHelix provides the integration, off-chain services and step by step services for oil and gas companies to faster blockchain production.

Some of the frequently asked questions about blockchain:

Question 1:
We want all our business partners to participate in our blockchain network but they are concerned about the system implementation cost.
Answer 1:
There is little or no cost to your participating partners to connect your network. Your business partners will join your network for free through our website and download the free EnHelix Community edition software to start using smart contracts on your blockchain network. There is no cost for both services and software.

Question 2:
What is the difference between EnHelix Blockchain solution versus others? 
Answer 2:
The main differences are control and cost. EnHelix doesn't force and lock you into our proprietary blockchain infrastructure and charge you middleman fee for usage. Your blockchain network is in your own AWS Managed Blockchain giving you total control and flexibility on maintenance and scalability. 
EnHelix implemented all on-chain and off-chain services into a simple step by step setup process so that you can implement a blockchain solution faster that requires fewer resources and cost.

Question 3:
What are the benefits I get with EnHelix Blockchain solution?
Answer 3:
The main benefit is speed to faster production blockchain with our purpose-built solution for oil and gas energy industry. Our system understands commodities and how the oil and gas industry works so that you don't have to reinvent all the business logic. 
The other benefits are blockchain is integrated into our entire software platform with auto-reconcile features, auto-track features, advanced audit reporting for your auditors, leverage AWS Managed Blockchain for scalability and performance, Hyperledger Fabric for the enterprise-grade private permissioned blockchain network. 

What is the Status of the Network?

We are currently on beta version giving companies the opportunity to try out the blockchain building process and see how easy to create their own network. Once beta program ended, we will delete all data and refresh all relevant data.

Beginner's Tips

Try EnHelix Community Edition software on the cloud and check out all the functionality without installation

Try EnHelix on the Cloud