enhelix energy artificial intelligence award 2019
December 19, 2019 EnHelix Articles and Blogs

2019 Artificial Intelligence Award for Energy Industry

EnHelix ETRM software shortlisted as the Leading Innovators in Energy Artificial Intelligence Analytics Software for 2019. The announcement was made known in an announcement sent to EnHelix Marketing Director Jen Wang by Wealth & Finance International.

According to the announcement, EnHelix Commodity Trading & Logistics Software was selected as the leading software of the year after a judging process that took over three months.

The Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019 have been launched to acknowledge the innovation of those companies and key individuals involved in this rapidly evolving market.

EnHelix submitted the enterprise EnHelix ETRM software with built-in energy artificial intelligence that demonstrates the ability to achieve real-time predictions and analytics for trading and logistics applications. With EnHelix Energy AI, commodity trading and logistics can leverage machine learning, deep learning and cognitive AI to automate many of the manual processes and also get head of competitions in analytics to drive profitable decisions.


EnHelix energy artificial intelligence starts from deal capture to help detect trade entry mistakes and provide insightful predictive inferences to enhance trading strategies. EnHelix AI engine is based on unique functionality specifically for commodity trading and logistics:

  • Built-in chatbots and virtual assistants as trading assistant to help automate manual processes for pretrade and post-trade processes.
  • Real-time AI prediction based on trading data and strategies that helps companies detect anomalies and potential mistakes
  • Enterprise AI database with super fast AI querying ability to build enterprise AI applications quickly and easily
  • Use cloud technologies big data technologies to visually detect trading anomalies and hidden business trends

The award was based on merit based and the competition process works to ensure EnHelix contributions to the industry and the quality of the software.


Previous winners of this awards were American Express, ADIB, ABN AMRO, GEN2 Partners and Credit Suisse.

EnHelix is proud to join to ranks of world-class companies to achieve high level of competence.