Energy Sustainability & ESG

Strengthen Energy Sustainability & ESG Program with Daily Reputation Updates, Impact & Risk Analytics and Metrics

EnHelix provides Sustainability & ESG solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence and human analysis to help understand the company’s risk exposure from an outside-in approach into actionable analytics and metrics. As a result, EnHelix helps companies prevent and mitigate business conduct risks related to their operations, assets, business relationships, and investments.

EnHelix is reinventing ESG solutions with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) empowering businesses to stay on top of ESG programs with agility, confidence, and achieve better value for their investment.

Daily Monitoring ESG Impacts & Risks

EnHelix software is an award-winning SaaS application in the financial category. As subscription-based SaaS application, that means EnHelix can help companies easily translate big data into curated and actionable reputation risk using standard metrics with an online platform and comprehensive reports.

Proactive Addressing and Mitigating Issues

As more large investment management firms and government pension funds demanding companies they are investing meet or exceed industry ESG standards, EnHelix ESG enables companies to take timely actions by providing the ability to monitor all ESG reputational risk and metrics on a single platform.

U.N. SDG and SBSA Metrics

Provides the most timely and comprehensive ESG risk reporting by U.N. Sustainability Development Goals and Sustainability Accounting Standard Board Metrics across all industries.