January 22, 2020 EnHelix Articles and Blogs

EnHelix Wins AI Analytics Award


Artificial Intelligence Award

EnHelix started 2020 with a win as the 2019 Leading Innovators in Artificial Intelligence Oil and Gas Software. This award was previously won by Amerprise (NYSE:AMP) and other software leaders.

The judging took over 3 months and EnHelix team worked hard to engage the judges and demonstrated its software AI capabilities. Additionally, the team also demonstrated its capability using deep learning and also Voice cognitive for various O&G applications.

EnHelix Artificial Intelligence Business Automation

EnHelix AI capabilities focus on commodity trading and logistics and is used by customers for business automation that previously unable to achieve with legacy technologies. In the same way, EnHelix pushes the AI boundaries to beyond machine learning, the software can now leverage deep learning with text and images to perform many of the logistics and accounting automation.

EnHelix AI is not a separate module or add-on. EnHelix AI is built into the system as an integrated platform that can be used at real-time and with batch processing. In fact, AI can be used to automate trade entries, accounting, scheduling, and operations.

Predictive Analytics

Underlying the EnHelix platform is an advanced AI data architecture that provides real-time analytics based on commodity business data. Whether, you are trading or marketing, scheduling, operations, and performing settlement functions. EnHelix AI can be used to provide additional competitive advantages with algorithms like XGBoost, DeepAR, K-means and RCF. Above all, the AI platform is completely configurable and can be extended to accommodate most needs.

In the competition, EnHelix demonstrated the ability of using images from many sources like satellites and emails with rich text to uncover business anomalies and opportunities that would otherwise takes days with manual efforts.


Big Data

Equally important in the EnHelix AI solutions, Big Data Analytics is one of the most important features used by customers. EnHelix Big Data is a web-based solutions integrated with its CTRM data. Essentially, there is no need for 3rd party software and ETL effort needed. In other words, users can achieve cost savings and quicker to production system than most CTRM legacy software.

To point out, EnHelix demonstrated its big data data integration and visualization to help commodity business identify opportunities and mistakes. As a result, the system provides seamless and intuitive user experience from trade capture, risk management to accounting with big data.



The takeaway is this award shows that EnHelix is leading the Artificial Intelligence innovation in the energy and O&G space.