Natural Gas

Full Natural Gas Commercial Life Cycle

EnHelix is the only software you need to manage and grow your natural gas business from raw natural gas stream, all the way to power plants or LNG terminals. We connect your complex value chain and make it easy to manage by providing you with integrated operations, increase business visibility and reduced IT costs.

EnHelix is made for natural gas producers, gatherers, processors, pipeline operators, traders/marketers and LNG operators.

  • Supports end-to-end natural gas value chain from upstream to midstream to downstream and LNG
  • Full natural gas physical and financial trading and marketing
  • Supports Upstream production and division order
  • Supports Midstream gathering, transportation, gas processing, storing, and fractionating and LNG
  • Midstream WebSuite portal for operators to manager shippers’ nominations, contracts and invoices
  • Scheduling system for shippers to track nominations and scheduled volume
  • Supporst natural gas economics modeling, asset development and engineering capital projects
  • Integrates with operations for measurements and alerts
  • Global view of your entire natural gas business and risks
  • Secured and singular system to lower cost and improve productivity