August 12, 2019 EnHelix Articles and Blogs

AI Voice Assistant for Commodity Trading

Do you think Alexa-like chatbot is the new user interface for commodity trading? Try asking for trading position, or inventory for next month and bot will get you the answers instantly. 

About EnHelix

EnHelix is a global software leader in providing digital commodity and energy management solutions driven by integrated Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and AWS Cloud to serve the value chain across crude oil, natural gas, LNG, refined products, petroleum, chemical, NGL, renewable, power, and other commodity markets. EnHelix is reinventing trading and logistics management systems with modern micro apps architecture that breaks monolithic systems into powerful enterprise-grade applications, thereby enabling faster implementation, adoption, and go live. EnHelix apps are embedded with powerful real-time artificial intelligence and integrated blockchain that empower businesses to stay on top of volatile markets with agility, flexibility, and achieve better value for their investment. EnHelix has offices in the Americas and Europe, serving customers globally across multiple commodity segments.