Power Trading

Power Trading


Comprehensive Power Trading with Transmission and AI Load Forecasting



Full physical & financial trading, risk management, transmission, and forecasting ETRM system.

EnHelix Power Trading and Risk Management software just made Power physical & financial trading very easy. Managing your Power business from power generation, marketing, load balancing and forecasting has never been easier. With EnHelix modular system architecture, the system implementation only takes weeks instead of months.

EnHelix Power trading software handles 1, 5, 15 minutes, hourly, next day power trades and settlements. Whether you are trading fixed price, indexed between hubs and loads, composite or formula pricing, EnHelix software was specifically designed to handle the complex power business and settlement across the world.

EnHelix is a modern ETRM system. Unlike other legacy software, EnHelix helps standardizes and streamlines internal processes and provide greater efficiency. Concurrently, EnHelix can help lower system implementation cost and at the same time provide transparency on trading performance.

Finally, with over 1,000 functionality and energy artificial intelligence built into the software. EnHelix is ready to help modernize your trading, logistics and accounting operations.

"When I think about EnHelix, modern, impressive, flexible, cost effective, and increased control are all the words that come to mind"

Modern REC Trading & Inventory System

Over 1,000 Functionality and Faster Go-Live

Power Trading

Supports Power trading physical (1 min, 5 min, 15 min, hourly, next day, base-load) on various RTO – ERCOT, PJM, MISO, AEMO, and EU Power and financial derivatives (futures, options) and hedging. All in a single integrated system.


Comprehensive credit solutions to manage letter of credits, limits, and credit exposure with visualization and reporting. 

Risk Management

Risk management solution includes fixed, spot, indexed, composite pricing, trade valuations, mark-to-market, position keeping, sensitivities, exposure and risk reporting. EnHelix comes with built-in data warehouse to view all risk metrics without any 3rd party software.

Load Management

In EnHelix, we provide load management with forecasting capability. For forecasting, the system provides short, medium, and long-term forecasting algorithmetic modeling and visualization. Furthermore, smart meter capturing and full integration with ERP makes power management easy with EnHelix.


Whether, you need power scheduling for transmission or load management, EnHelix provides all the functionality you need. 


Power trading and settlement with settlement, prior period adjustments, sub ledgers, and AP/AR/GL.


Built-in trading & settlement blockchain to enhance ETRM functionality beyond on-premise functionality. Blockchain allows greater automation and transparency throughout supply-chain.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage EnHelix built-in artificial intelligence engine to help drive profitable decisions and detect anomalies before they become a real financial problems. 

Open Platform

Add or modify screens and business logic easily with open APIs and SDKs. You can add your own special screens and unique business logics in minutes with Microsoft dot net technologies.


Finally, if you need an ETRM software with all the features listed above and many more, then your best option is to choose EnHelix Power trading software. EnHelix is a fully integrated ETRM software built on a single platform for multiple commodities without turning to multiple systems or spreadsheets. Furthermore, EnHelix works on full cloud and hybrid cloud enabling companies to fast forward their energy digital transformation. Also, with EnHelix advanced technologies, companies can take advantages of its built-in artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. Hence, gain competitive business advantages.

EnHelix has won many accolades and awards in recognition of its technology advances in the commodity trading and logistics categories.