Physical and Power Trading, Scheduling and Transmission

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Power Trading, Scheduling and Transmission Software

Physical power trading refers to purchasing and selling power between participants in the energy industry. Power is traded on different marketplaces which are characterized by the power delivery time frame and the form of the transaction. To get the most of your energy trade, you need scheduling and transmission software that offers an ideal power trading platform.

EnHelix has a full suite of power trading and transmission modules that are beneficial to the most complex power trading agencies. It provides solutions for power generation, transmission and distribution and covers a range of commodities, emissions and derivatives. With the EnHelix software, you get an integrated solution that offers interfaces that allow us to connect your complex value chain. This way, we are able to manage your business operations by via integrated operations easily, increased business visibility and reduced IT costs.

Business Benefits

The EnHelix software is an excellent scheduling and transmission software that supports end-to-end power value chain from power generation through the transmission to distribution and retail. It was designed for power generating companies in both regulated and deregulated markets, so it supports the wholesale and retail aspects of the power business.

It supports natural gas storage and transportation for power trading, possesses excellent scheduling tools and scheduling systems which enable traders to track scheduled volume via daily nominations. In addition, this power ETRM greatly support natural gas and power economics modelling, asset development and engineering capital projects.

It integrates with operations for measurements and alerts, thus providing actionable insights that drive your business growth. The EnHelix software is essentially a power ETRM that provides a global view of your entire natural gas and power business and risks. This enables you to make sound business decisions that enhance productivity and drives business growth. It is also a powerful trading platform that provides a secure and singular system which lowers cost and improves the productivity of your business concern.