Renewable Energy Trading ETRM & Credit (REC)

renewable trading

Renewable Energy Trading

More people choose renewable power over the traditional power options that used to be in high demand. The implication is that renewable energy trading can be considered the next era of power trading and for those currently in the industry, data collection, processing and reporting needs to be handled by the right software solutions. Given the trend in the industry, getting the right renewable ETRM software is a must. Enter EnHelix.

EnHelix offers a renewable ETRM with a full suite of renewal trading and transmission modules that can cater to the needs of the most complex power trading agencies. It is designed for renewal power generations companies in both regulated and non-regulated markets. The EnHelix software also provides a powerful trading platform that facilitates connection to your complex value chain. It also makes renewable energy trading easy to manage as it provides integrated operations, reduces IT costs and increases business visibility.

Business Benefits

The software supports end-to-end renewal power value chain from power generation to transmission to distribution and retail. It also supports the wholesale and retail power business and inevitably influences the cost of renewable energy credit.

With the EnHelix software, you get support for natural gas storage and transportation for power trading in addition to a scheduling system that enables traders to track scheduled volume. This solution supports natural gas and power economics modelling, asset development and engineering capital projects.

Its integration with operations for measurements and alerts provides valuable insights into various aspects of business operations and helps with your business decisions. It also offers a global view of your entire natural gas and power business and risks. That way, you are better informed and in a better position to make better business decisions. Lastly, our EnHelix software offers a secure and singular system that lowers costs and improves the productivity of your renewable energy trading operations.