CTRM for NGL and LPG Companies

ctrm commodity trading

What is CTRM?

CTRM refers to commodity trading and risk management system for companies involved in commodity trading in the energy, oil and gas or commodity markets. The system is a suite of software that can help in performing physical and financial trades and supports business processes from front-office, mid-office and back-office for settlement.

In addition, the software integrates trading, risk management, logistics, and accounting in a single package of software and provides a single transparent view of trading positions and provide accounting settlements and reconciliations.

CTRM for LPG, NGL and Liquids

The NGL business, like other trading organizations in the volatile commodity industry, are facing turbulent and challenging times as the global financial trends have led the close management of their risk exposure. Part of this management deals with the IT systems and applications needed in the course of executing business operations. In a bid to reduce the risks associated with volatile commodities like NGL, Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) systems like EnHelix have been at the forefront of providing a range of solutions to businesses in the volatile commodity industry. Its purpose is to provide an objective overview of vendor capabilities, coverage (both functional and asset), integration and deployment.

The EnHelix software is suited for application in LPG trading and NGL marketing because it appreciates the horde of NGL supply and demand complex business and risk factors. Its essentially provides an overview of vendor capabilities, coverage, integration and deployment. As such market participants can monitor and manage their credit risks and other business-related factors better. It integrates all your business operations under one single platform. This enhances efficiency and minimizes error with the reduction of the number of manual spreadsheets and silos legacy systems into an advanced platform. This concurrently handles the mutable demand/supply dynamics in the petrochemical and refined products markets.

Business Benefits

The EnHelix software supports NGL to buy contracts from gas processing plants base NGL to Y-Grade to purity products. It is also known to support complex NGL storage and inventories. In addition, the EnHelix software supports the Midstream WebSuite portal which allows operators to be more efficient by managing shippers nominations, contracts and invoices. It also powers a scheduling system that enables shippers to track the scheduled volume.

With the EnHelix software, which is the ideal CTRM for LPG, you get full integration with operations and engineering while getting support for complex NGL pipeline scheduling and distributions.