LNG Trading

LNG Trading


What is LNG Trading?

In the last few years, the LNG market has been playing an important role in the energy industry and reshaping how oil and gas trading is carried out. This is because gas and renewable are becoming the strongest growing energy segments.

What is LNG?

Also known as Liquefied Natural Gas, LNG comprises of methane and some mixture of ethane that is used to convert natural gas to liquid form. The conversion of natural gas to liquid form makes it safe and easy for transportation from one country to the other. Before transportation from companies with a large supply of natural gas to those with high demand, LNG is usually cooled to -256 F.  

Benefits of LNG Trading

LNG trading offers so many benefits to companies, traders, and countries that have a high demand for natural gas. Some of these benefits include:

  • Eco-friendly: LNG trading is one of the best ways to reduce greenhouse emissions and combat global warming.
  • Through a national delivery network, it is now possible to get natural gas to areas that are unable to produce large quantities
  • LNG is a better and economical energy source, especially when compared to diesel and fuel.
  • LNG is suitable for consumer purposes like heating and cooking.
  • A large amount of LNG can be stored and transported at a low temperature
  • LNG is clean gas, which contributes to the increase in product quality.

Challenges of LNG Trading

Investing in LNG comes with so many challenges and risks. Some of these risks include: 

  • Price Volatility: Price volatility is one of the major risks experienced by LNG traders. Since 2015, the industry has experienced a lot of volatility due to the supply glut of crude oil and natural gas. The high level of supply has an effect on stock prices. In fact, natural gas is notorious for being very seasonal due to great demand, especially in winter. 
  • Dividend Cuts: Oil and gas firms are made to pay a dividend to investors. These dividends are meant to attract investment into the industry. However, when the company is unable to earn enough revenues due to changes in commodity prices, such dividends can be drastically reduced. 
  • Oil Spill: Another major risk in LNG trading is oil spills. Most times, trucks transporting LNG products get involved in accidents, which lead to a spill. Due to this, the company share price might be negatively affecting, leading to a free fall. In fact, there are so many LNG traders who have lots of fortunes due to oil spills. 

Finally, although there are so many risks involved in investing in LNG, the opportunities are enormous. In the next decades, more people will embrace the use of natural gas, especially for domestic use. In addition, LNG represents an excellent alternative to greenhouse gas emission and will help in fighting global warming. There the opportunities involved in investing in LNG trading are enormous.

LNG CTRM or ETRM or commonly refer to as Trading Software is the real-time Liquefied Natural Gas procurement software that traders use to buy or sell LNG with their counterparties. The software also provides the ability to schedule LNG delivery based on contractual agreement. The goals of the software is record trades and manage commodity and financial risk.

EnHelix LNG CTRM Trading and Logistics Software

Based on the Hyperledger Fabric, the EnHelix software is set to take trading in the Gas sector by storm. It is essentially the best Energy Trading and Risk Management Software for LNG Traders. Its combination of gas and oil commodity trading and logistics management blockchain and artificial intelligence make it the ideal Liquefied Natural Gas Commodity Management Software for your business operations.


Our EnHelix CTRM software is a configurable solution which handles a range of operations in the LNG cycle: natural gas production, trading, transportation, storage, liquefaction/regasification, voyage, and loading/unloading. The best part is that this is done via a comprehensive, intuitive and interactive platform that simplifies the complexities of business activities in the Liquefied Natural Gas sector. In a nutshell, EnHelix is a purpose-built energy platform designed to optimize LNG management by minimizing costs and improving business agility and visibility across the whole LNG value chain.

EnHelix LNG Software Benefits

The EnHelix software is built to grow your business operations as it supports LNG trading, contract, advanced economics modeling, offers convenient intelligence for your applications and workflow, and spots mistakes before they degenerate into problems. That is why with this Liquefied Natural Gas Commodity Management Software, you get automatic LNG document generation and approval

The EnHelix software is great for companies in the LNG cycle as it supports LNG logistics and accounting. It also offers a singular system for both natural gas and LNG. That is why, with EnHelix, you get integration with operations and engineering. This allows for a seamless user interface that facilitates your business operations. This is because its enhanced user interface allows for better user experience, which helps your LNG trading companies to make better decisions. Owing to its incorporation of AI and deep learning technologies, the EnHelix software provides quality big data analytics on integrated data sources. The best part is that you don’t require machine learning experience to enjoy these benefits.

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